Animal by Sara Pascoe- Review

Whilst on holiday in July I read the book “Animal” by Sara Pascoe, it was different to what I had been reading recently as this was a non-fiction autobiography/ self-help book and I had previously been burying my head into the world of fiction. However, this book was amazing and I finished it within the week highlighting bits as I went through in case I every feel the need to read certain pieces of advice again.

I bought this book on a bit of a whim due to hearing Sara speak about it on an old Richard Herring podcast where they spoke for an hour on different issues within the book. I felt inclined to buy it as it has been described as “The book I had to read when I was a teenager” and as I am indeed a teenager I decided to purchase it along with Sarah Millican’s How to be Champion- needless to say I am currently having an identity crisis and need all the advice I can get.

The book is divided into three main sections: love, body and consent. These are all three topics that are very prominent in society today and were all explored beautifully within the book.

The topic of body was a very important one for me personally, the idea of body image and how teenage girls are more likely to have lower self confidence and how that has originated throughout history was so interesting. The book is factual and contains statistics but is also very personal to the author and contains many stories from her childhood and teenage-hood and its this first hand experience that makes the book feel so personal and makes you want to hug the air and scream “I knew I wasn’t the only one!” Body image and insecurity is one of those topics that will always be very important to me due to struggling with it especially during that holiday, it was the worst that it had ever been. To be able to read this book and have advice and personal stories written to me in a way that felt personal and caring was a huge boost to me.

The book also covers the issues of consent and abortions which are again huge issues within society, and knowing that there is someone who shares your views and has been through situations involving theses issues is so important, especially for young girls who have a role model to tell them that actually what they are saying isn’t true and they shouldn’t have to feel a certain way or do certain things just to please others.

If you are a young teenager then please read this and if you aren’t then you should also read this, it is well researched and well written, with smatterings of humour and filled to the brim of knowledge I cannot recommend this enough.

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