She’s back! (…for now)

Well term two of year 12 is officially done and I am exhausted- an eight week term was not really appreciated but I’m now off until January (apart from work but that’s a whole other thing)

I thought that I would be able to balance everything in my life and carry on blogging, but boy was I wrong! It’s one of those situations where I automatically think that all of my time is spent on my a-levels but if we’re being honest with each other… I’ve not been working all that hard. Obviously I’ve put enough effort in to be averaging Bs and Cs but have I finished Dracula, baring in mind I was supposed to read it over the summer? Of course I haven’t.

I wanted to write this post as a way of talking through what I have been doing for the past 2 months and then hopefully will do some playlists and then some favourites recommendations.

Because of my essay based a levels I thought it would interesting to share things that I have been discussing in lessons: books, films and events in the news. I thought then that way it would be interesting for people to have knowledge on some new stuff and also it would be a good source of revision to me so it’s a win-win situation which is cool!

As well as school I have been directing a short film for my branch of the BFI Film Academy which has been one of those experiences that I know that I will never forget and it’s so cool to be able to say “yeah I directed that”. We have a presentation where I will be doing a presentation and leading a Q&A, which makes it sound like some kind of weird comic-con for all of these 16-19 year olds but I’m excited to do that in January, it’s so cool to get experience and learn from the professionals.

There are loads of other things happening such as the continuation of my driving lessons (guess who’s now driving into town? This gal), my job and also the shows on Netflix that I have been addicted to instead of planning my Constitutional Reform essay for politics.

There’s gonna be some good stuff coming soon though so just hold on tight!


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