Where have I been?

It’s been a while and I am very sorry, I’ve been busy and I thought I would write a post about what has happened over the last month and a bit!

My first job

I am now working three nights in the week at my local supermarket, this is my first ever job and needless to say it has been quite difficult trying to balance work and school. However, I’ve always wanted to work and earn my own money so the fact that I get paid quite a generous wage for my age is pretty cool. I can’t go into too many details about my job just because it is kind of personal and I don’t want to cause any issues (not that there are that many negatives) .

I have had my first pay check and needless to say I spent it all in a very small space of time. I was able to combine my pay check with some savings and bought myself the new iPad 6 which I can talk about in another post if you would like.

Starting sixth form

Probably the thing that was the most obvious due to the nature of my last post, I started sixth form!

I am taking: English Literature, Government and Politics and Film Studies which are three heavily essay based subjects- I think you can now see why I haven’t really been posting. I am really enjoying my subjects though, they are interesting but I didn’t expect to be learning so much in such a small space of time. I could probably write 6 pages of notes per lesson.

If you would like a separate post on my individual subjects then let me know, I would be more than happy to write one about what I study and my own personal experience with the subjects.

I think we should also take time to mention the absolute beauty that is free periods- I’m able to sleep in on a Wednesday morning and then just go in for film studies in the afternoon. We also get our own assigned study periods as well so if I’m unproductive over the weekend (like this weekend) I can always do my homework then. Another reason why study periods are an absolute god send is because it allows me to have time for structured wider reading, because without it I would have no idea what to do for extra research for English or Politics.

My birthday

That’s right, I’m now 17 and officially the dancing queen! I didn’t really do anything huge for my birthday, I just had some friends round in the evening. For my birthday I got driving lessons which I have started and that was basically it. It was really simple and I feel more grown up now that I’m 17, there’s only a year difference between 16 and 17 but I feel as though people start listening to your opinions more when you are 17.

Driving lessons

Okay so I didn’t expect these to be so expensive! I have enjoyed these so far though and have done 3 so far and they’re going okay. I need to set a date for theory test so then everything will really sink in and I will have a goal to (hopefully) get my license. But for now I’m going steadily and I am starting to drive home from the “driver’s city” as it is known in my town, which is basically a few roads that are very wide and have little traffic apart from the other 5 driving schools that are teaching as well.

BFI Academy

That’s right you are now reading the blog of a BFI Film Academy member and I am beyond excited to be part of a group of like minded individuals and it finally feels as though my career is starting to go on track. As part of the academy we get to make a short a film by using local studios and having them screened at an event, as well the experience and the arts award gained it also allows us to see what other opportunities lie within the film industry.

There are so many experiences and I will be creating another blog separately to act as my portfolio so if anyone wants to follow my journey from now until February and beyond then keep a look out.

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