My GCSE Results

Yay it’s finally here and the GCSE period is officially over. I wanted to write this yesterday but with the complications over my timetable for next year (all sorted now) it was difficult to find time to write.

I know if you are reading this you probably just want to know my results so here they are:

Maths: 7 (A)

Art: 6 (B)

English Literature: 7 (A)

English Language: 7 (A)

Science: 77 (2 A’s)

Drama: 5 (C)

History: 6 (B)

Spanish: 7 (A)

I am amazed by these grades apart from one, an A in maths and Spanish has actually amazed me. However, my drama grade isn’t necessarily disappointing it’s just annoying. I put so much effort in to my performances and coursework and gave up so much of my free time to make sure I could do as well as possible. But, I know that some people would love that as a grade so I’m not going to complain relentlessly about it.

Now yesterday there was an issue with my options for next year so I have now changed my options to study: English Literature, Film Studies and Government and Politics. I am so excited to get started with these courses. I did have to drop art but I feel as though I have made the right decision as I found it so stressful to complete all of my coursework and exam work on time at GCSE level.

I am now left with a lot of reading for Government but am so ready to start it.

I haven’t been posting much recently as I have been applying to jobs left, right and centre in order to save some money for travelling after A-levels so I may not be posting as regularly as I did at the beginning of the summer but will still be able to update you on any major events happening.

Thank you for bearing with me and I hope you are all just as happy with your results as I am.


8 thoughts on “My GCSE Results

  1. Congrats on your results! I got the same as you in Drama and I totally understand where you’re coming from x


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