Am I excited for A-levels?

Recently I have left school for year 11 and in September will be starting my A-levels which is quite a scary prospect for the moment. If all goes well on results day I shall be staying at my current school and taking: English Literature, Film Studies and Art. These are quite similar subjects and I understand that the combination of Film Studies and English Literature is quite brave but I really want to work in broadcasting and there is no other media style course provided. Also, English Literature is just one of those useful subjects I can fall back on and I enjoy it so there is no harm there. Art is the subject that I am worried about though, I went to my induction and loved it because the teachers all seem lovely and were really excited to get us to experiment but I am worried whether I will get the right grades to get in to this course. This means that I have had to put down a reserve, I put down Government and Politics which is quite the change but is a subject that I am interested in.


With these subjects in mind I think it is safe to say that I am excited for A levels because I know that they are ones that I will enjoy even though they are hard. I am very aware that these will be my famous last words and I will probably look back on this and think “What was I thinking?” But for now I am feeling quite excited. The idea of studying more texts for English is exciting because for GCSE we had 3 texts and a poetry anthology for 3 years which meant that I got bored with them all quite quickly where as now I will have 2 years to learn 8 books and critics. For art I am excited because we can finally use oil paints which I have waited for, for such a long time due to the disposal of them we aren’t allowed to use them during key stage 3 or 4. Also, there are more trips and opportunities to work more freely with your art due to the introduction of life drawing and new materials. Film studies is a new subject that I will be taking but from what I have heard there is a lot of essays, this doesn’t really scare me as I know that learning about components of film with be useful for broadcasting and directing in the future. Also, this course is at another school so it will also be a great way to meet new people and broaden my circle.


The independence of sixth form does excite me as we finally get our own study spaces and common room which isn’t crowded by the younger years. This sounds harsh but when you have a coursework deadline the last thing you want to contend with is a full computer room of year 7s playing coolmathsgames and watching their favourite YouTubers. The ability to have study sessions and free periods is also quite exciting because I found that during exam season I needed time away from lessons and to also have time to just study by myself so this is a great liberty that I know I will have to monitor so that I actually use it for study. Also knowing that I won’t have to do a full day everyday in the week is exciting knowing that I will then have time to work and post more on here- as well as study too.

Higher up in the School

I’ll be honest this isn’t the biggest perk because even though you are supposed to get liberties and “respect” the only people who do follow this is the new year 7’s and this wears out after the first term-if that! Also, you then have to deal with the “You are a role model for the younger years” speech.


I am very excited about the amount of opportunities available, in my school you can become prefects for different parts of school life: charities, arts, houses and events. As well as this there is also head girl and the ability to set up your own societies we once had a cereal appreciation society. These are all fun and there is also the possibility with working for the town’s creative centre where you can then join courses and get involved in local and independent businesses which as a creative person is really cool.

So I guess you could say I am feeling quite excited about going in to sixth form and starting the next chapter of my life. I know that this is really positive and unbalanced but I know that when I start in September there will be plenty of time for negative views on sixth form so let’s just bask in positivity for now!


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