Lower the Voting Age


First of all Happy 10th post!

Now, recently in the news there has been talk of lowering the UK voting age to 16, as a 16 year old I was excited at this new prospect. I thought I would give my own opinion of the matter, now please bear in mind that I am not a politician and this is coming from my opinion, if you want to hear genuine and factual arguments then many Labour MP’s will have given some. You can access those on their website.

The first reason I believe this is a good idea is because at the age of 16 you can get a job, this means that you can start paying tax, this tax goes to the government. In my opinion paying money towards a government you have absolutely no say in is unfair, if you are contributing towards the country like “every other adult” then you should be treated as so and be able to choose which government this money goes to.

At 16 you can get married and have consensual sex, if you are able to start a family then you should be able to vote for the government that will provide your child’s education and healthcare.

Anyways, these are some thoughts that I have had.



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