Body Confidence


Being a teenager means that my body changes and I may feel uncomfortable with this so I thought I would write about my perspective about my body and I how I feel about it.

My main thoughts on my body- or bodies in general. Is that they transport you from A to B, your actual being is your brain, that is where your thoughts, opinions and emotions are. Your body is what transports that around.

So the fact that some people are insecure about their bodies just means that they may wish they had a newer model (like a car). However I am content with mine, it gets me from A to B, I have 2 legs, 2 arms and 2 eyes- my eyes don’t work perfectly but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them.

There are people without some of these and sometimes I have to remind myself that I don’t need to make any hugely different changes to my body because I’m lucky as I am.

Being a teenager means that I am apparently meant to feel insecurity more frequently, however I know that it doesn’t fade with age and that as soon as I turn 20 my skin will be clear and all traces of self-consciousness with fade away as wrinkles and smile lines replace them.

I have self confidence but I feel that may be because I experienced insecurity at a younger age due to bullying which is something I don’t feel I will really touch upon. However, this means that I know  what that feels like and I want to avoid that feeling so I will always try to put the mind set of the car model in the front of my mind.

Whilst writing this I am wearing clothes I feel good in and make up however this doesn’t mean that: when I get changed in to my pyjamas and take off my makeup to reveal my dark circles from stress and lack of sleep and my acne scars from last year, I won’t feel insecure.

This is just something that has been on my mind, I am healthy, happy and content with myself even though there are people who are slimmer, wider, have clearer skin, better clothes and are smarter than me. I have tried to adapt this mind set and I think it works for me and that is why I wanted to share it.



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