Dear Future Self,


I have come across a few posts where people have written to their future self and I thought seeing as I turned 16 last month it would be an interesting idea.

So with out further ado here is my letter.

Dear Future Me,

How are you? Are you okay? Are you happy with your life?

I guess the first thing to ask is how was school? I know it may sound stupid but right now you are kind of stressing out and I know it may seem like it was all silly to worry but right now it feels pretty big. Did you pass your exams? Did you decide what A-Levels you would do? Are you happy with them? Do you have any regrets?

Another thing I should ask about is are you working? What job do you have? Did you go to uni? What did you study and where? Did you live in halls and make friends with people? Are you now working in the art industry like you’ve always wanted to?

Do you still talk to your friends now? I can’t imagine life without them right now but maybe you have moved on.

Are you in a happy relationship?

How are the family? Is everyone okay?

Are you still living at home? Do you live with someone or by yourself?

I hope by the time you read this (in 10 years time?) that:

  • You have moved out.
  • You are working (bonus points if it is a job that you like)
  • You have a close group of friends.
  • You are happy
  • You have a pet (please!)

From, Present 16 year old me






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